Welcome to the Camp Craddle of Missing Players Wiki!

Welcome to the official CCOMP Wiki page!

CCOMP is currently in the beginning of the 2nd season you didn't make it in time that's fine. There is 3rd CCOMP season there is so don't worry.

Here is the CCOMP Official Discord! >>> <<<

Current CCOMP S2 Contestants Edit

1. Graditude Token 2. Comet 3. Cross Sign 4. Blu Tack 5. Pink Grass 6. Sansy 7. Three Shaps 8. Lesbian Pride Flag 9. Graident Phone 10. Diamond 11. Future Gabe in Gacha 12. Blue-Torched Stick 13. Oofhead 14. Golden Bloon 15. EX Token 16. Circle 17. Riley 18. teedog82 19. TacoJK 20. Rolls Royce 21. Shaped Twins 22. @ Symbol 23. Chicken Juice Box 24. OK KO Card 25. Grain of Salt 26. Cyan Quartz

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